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  2. Honeymoon Leaves US Citizen Trapped in German Prison
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  3. Once you leave the London area – there are few 1st class accomodations. If you’re touring the entire island – get a regular seat and save. BritRail and ScotRail are much more expensive than the mainland in Europe. But most all train passes include any bus or ferry links. I don’t agree about the Fall travel. Summer is the best – and I prefer later summer of August through September when the Highland programs are happening. Try the Hostels in lieu of hotels and save 80 percent.

  4. It depends what your needs are. If you are looking to travel around for beaches and sun then it is definitely too cool, but we found traveling in the fall was much more pleasant. In October in Florence it was still in the high 20s last fall. It is easier to get around as you have less crowds, which means if you are traveling for the history, art, or culture, you won’t be lining up in sweltering heat for hours on end to get into attractions.

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