Positive aspects Of Overseas Travel In Europe – Bloomberg

Interview and discussion with the Author of the book Europe Through The Back Door. He talks about traveling, eating and seeing the sights. (Venture)

Rabbids are bwaaack and this time they have an infallible plan to travel back in time and invade human history! Check out for more info on www.rabbids.com !
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24 thoughts on “Positive aspects Of Overseas Travel In Europe – Bloomberg”

  1. why exactly was the caveman trying to create fire when there was… lava behind him.

    derp lol

  2. Welp, you got your answer; they are making a game about Rayman that goes so far back, its in 2D again.

  3. NO!!!!!!

    Rayman 1…….just with better graphics and new levels, Not some rabbit crap….the rabbids are rubbish too..

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