Gift concepts for a friend traveling to Europe?

traveling in europe
by Antonio Bonanno

Question by curlygirlie18: Gift ideas for a friend traveling to Europe?
My friend is graduating college this week and traveling around Europe for 5 weeks. I’d like to get her a small gift that she can use on her trip, but I’m at a loss. She’s carrying everything with her in a backpack and staying in hostels. I’ve already gotten her a book on traveling Europe and she has all her basic necessities. Any ideas on something small I could get her?

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Answer by Mayra D
Your friend is very lucky, well you could get her one of those water bottles, that are plastic, you could buy her a cd , so she will not get bored on the plane, you could buy her packs of gum, so she can eat some thing on the plane , because I hear now a days air lines charge for peanuts too. Well good luck!

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