Q&A: europe tour vacation for household?

Question by HSS: europe tour vacation for household?
my husband me and my 2 yr old son would like to go on 7-10 day tour of europe in jan/feb covering a handful of major cities and sights like paris, rome, pisa, st petersbough.. i dont have fixed idea of wht cities i want to c and it is really hard to locate sumthing with halal/veg indian food.. plus we want to go by plane/train so we can invest far more time really checking out the cites and remain in comfortable hotels.. i was searching at travel packages but most have me spending much more time on the bus going from 1 location to one more rather than actually sightseeing.. any aid would b appreciated.. im so lost.. i could devote upto 1500-2000 GBP..
i would choose package where almost everything from hotel, food, tranport to and from airtports and city tours are taken care of n inclusive..
forgot abt poor weather in jan/feb.. at initial was confused abt exactly where to go n now confused when to go.. 🙁

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Answer by Hoppelemine
Greatest way to get about is making use of the spending budget european airlines. Tickets are dirt cheap if purchased in a lot of time.

ryanair.com is a excellent place to begin.

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