Is this a good enough travel plan for Europe?

Question by deadhead: Is this a good enough travel plan for Europe?
I am planning to go to Europe in 2 years for about 2 months and want to make the best of it. I want to go to exactly 12 countries and stay in each for about 5 days.
I never traveled to Europe before and may be naive about it,

I was thinking 45$ a day for food and 45$ for a hostel or cheap place to stay.
Which comes up to be around 6,400 dollars, I don’t know where that is too high or too low?

Also I did some research on the Eurail pass and found that the “Eurail Global” package would suit best because I want to go to many different countries, not just on one side of Europe.
It was about 1,000$ . Now its coming up to be 7,000$ Yikes!

Except it doesn’t go around to Istanbul, Turkey. I wanted to go to Romania which is covered by the pass, could I some how manage to get from Romania to Istanbul, cheaply by train?(cost estimate?)

I know I’m planning way head in advance but I need to start saving up.
Any help would suffice, Thanks!!!

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Answer by Ghost of Zeuz
Totally unrealistic if you try it this way. What you should do is find a tour package that will take you for the two months. Then, your transportation and lodging are covered as well as breakfasts and some other lunches & dinners.

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  1. Your plan is rather realistic, you have just forgotten to budget for things to do during the days.
    At this time young people traveling around by train and hostels mostly use about $ US100 per day or more if they want better accommodation, or a drink a lot. When you get over 26 you will find that the costs will be higher.

    Going by tour is not the better option, it will be at least as expensive, but likely you will pay this kind of money already on your tour, on top of which you will have to have pocket money.
    I think that 5 days on average in each country is a good start, but when traveling around you will find that some places require more time, others less.

    The ‘cheap’ way to include Turkey is likely a cheap flight from somewhere in Western Europe, like England, Germany or the Netherlands, specially when you buy your ticket 3 months or so before traveling. You might be able to include it in your intercontinental ticket and do it first or last.
    But I might cut out Turkey, on base that you will have already a lot of places to go and to avoid extra costs and a long travel by train.

    Starting to safe up now is very good, but remember that prices go up and exchange rates change.
    When you travel your dollar might be worth more, or way less.

  2. I agree with Willeke and won’t go into detail since she’s already given you a perfectly good answer. I would be somewhere in the middle of the other two answers so far regarding tours. They can be fine and certainly save you effort if that’s what you want. I don’t do them myself because I prefer the flexibility of seeing and doing exactly what I want and changing plans on the fly if something interesting comes up. Other people are less comfortable with doing all their own planning and booking and prefer escorted tours. This isn’t an unreasonable outline for your trip and you can refine the plan as the time for the trip approaches. The prices two years from now can be expected to be higher, but it would just be a guess as to how much.

    Some resources you might find useful for planning:

    Comprehensive advice on train travel in general and rail passes specifically:
    Budget flights: and
    Festivals, exhibitions, events:

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