Is this a good enough travel plan for Europe?

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by Chris Devers

Question by deadhead: Is this a good enough travel plan for Europe?
I am planning to go to Europe in 2 years for about 2 months and want to make the best of it. I want to go to exactly 12 countries and stay in each for about 5 days.
I never traveled to Europe before and may be naive about it,

I was thinking 45$ a day for food and 45$ for a hostel or cheap place to stay.
Which comes up to be around 6,400 dollars, I don’t know where that is too high or too low?

Also I did some research on the Eurail pass and found that the “Eurail Global” package would suit best because I want to go to many different countries, not just on one side of Europe.
It was about 1,000$ . Now its coming up to be 7,000$ Yikes!

Except it doesn’t go around to Istanbul, Turkey. I wanted to go to Romania which is covered by the pass, could I some how manage to get from Romania to Istanbul, cheaply by train?(cost estimate?)

I know I’m planning way head in advance but I need to start saving up.
Any help would suffice, Thanks!!!

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Answer by Ghost of Zeuz
Totally unrealistic if you try it this way. What you should do is find a tour package that will take you for the two months. Then, your transportation and lodging are covered as well as breakfasts and some other lunches & dinners.

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