Train Journeys in Europe

train trip europe
by Mulletar

Train Journeys in Europe

If you love to travel around when you are on your vacation, then a train trip might be a good idea for you to soak up a different atmosphere and give you a different slant on your trip. And there are some really interesting train trips you can do without even leaving Europe, so why not try one this summer? Make sure that you take out Single Trip Travel Insurance to cover you on your travels.

Inverness, Scotland to Gwynedd, Wales – relive some of the age of chivalry by touring some of the most famous British piles across the country and seeing some of the oldest castles in the UK. The ticket also gets you entry into 580 attractions across the kingdom. The whole journey takes fifteen days, so enjoy a long, leisurely break!

London, England to Istanbul, Turkey – the trip takes eight days, but travel through the heart of Transylvania on the Danube express and experience a classier sort of travel, and you get the change to walk through the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, before arriving at the Topkapi Palace.

Paris to Madrid – taking a mere thirteen hours, leave Paris in the evening and enjoy a three course meal aboard the bunker train, and wake the next morning as you arrive in Madrid, the third most populated city in the EU.

If you go grand class you even get a little en suite and breakfast.

Chur, Switzerland to Tirano, Italy – this short journey takes four hours, but takes you along some of the most stomach turning heights. It winds through the alps from the oldest town in Switzerland to the charming little Italian town, and part of the route is so magical, it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The 1500-kilometer journey from Istanbul to Kars near the Armenian border takes almost two days. It’s certainly a tale of two very different cities. Kars is located within a landscape of raw beauty, an area where poverty is rife. The trains are obsolete and often face obstacles in the shape of stray animals and falling rocks. The better-off can take the faster bus option or a plane – but for some the train trip is an unbeatable bargain at at 25 euros.

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