Great Train Trips

More travel ideas… With gas prices soaring and airline service levels collapsing, there’s probably never been a better time to opt for a train trip. Check out some great options for train trips that can make great–and affordable–vacations.
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  2. Nice. Thanks for the video. Trains are also great transportation during your travels, if you are looking for a more relaxed trip and not constricted by time.
    Cheers, from Singapore

  3. You can go from Raleigh to DC the problem is it is you would have to layover for 24 hours. They should have left the 5 am departure from Raleigh alone because at that time it connected with the DC Chicago train a lot better

  4. Oh I know where I’ve seen this guy before, he randomly popped up in scenes and started talking about secret seats, great train tips and great car tips on Plane’s, Train’s, and Automobiles. Scared the crap out of me, but I guess I learned something that day.

  5. I’m thinking of going on a train trip from Raliegh North Carolina all the way to Seattle sometime next summer. Problem: the nearest train that goes that far I can find starts in Harpers Ferry West Virginia. Damn.

  6. For on time go to Japan. But even the best can’t be perfect, snow storms, earth tremors, suicides and the occasional typhoon take their tolls. For never on time go to Italy and don’t anybody give me the Il Duce quote it’s bullshit.

  7. In his reference to the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada — 15 days??? The Rocky M only operates in Alberta and BC, it does not even touch the Atlantic let alone that’s its 3000 miles away. Via Rail operates from east to west. Better check your references bud.

  8. To me a train ride is a cab ride in a 14,000 ton Coal train with DPU helpers mid train and end.Passenger trains are a glorified bus ride.

  9. This rule is aplied only on high speed trains on europe. The rest of the trains are rubbish…

  10. @MrNicroStar
    well in usa trains sometimes delay 2 hours or more so dont be angry about german trains

  11. This mythology about European trains running on time is belied by the natural forces and workforce strikes that delay trains. In Amsterdam they were short 200 conductors because they couldn’t find anyone who qualified for the job. Once I was on a train, an announcement was made in Dutch, and everyone got off the train. I asked a woman what happened, she said the train was canceled due to lack of crew. Ice storms delayed and canceled trains in another case. It’s not perfection here or there.

  12. Once riding on a NS local out of Amsterdam with a friend who worked there as a conductor, we were on a train with puke on the floor.

    Another train, a woman riding with young child who was eating a candy. The child dropped the candy on the floor and began to cry. The mom, not wanting to deal with the child throwing a fit, didn’t see us watching her, picked the candy up and gave it back to the child.

    My friend and I looked on in horror, knowing what has been on the floor of NS trains.

  13. Since I must give you right I am a German and ride with the DB and since I read say that is not the best and that says a German has to much

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  16. All I heard was “European trains are clean and efficient”. I don’t recall seeing anyone setting American and Canadian flags on fire and peeing on the ashes.

  17. The trains are clean and on time… and thats all he had to say about the great european train rides… How incredibly informative.

  18. Great, only you forgot the Niles Canyon Railway, the White Pass & Yukon route, The Virginia & Truckee Railroad and the Mt. Hood Railroad.

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