Why do I keep dreaming riding trains?

Query by Frank: Why do I hold dreaming riding trains?
I’ve been experiencing these dreams either riding a train, taking trains, you name it.. I just never comprehend why I’ve been dreaming only these kinds of dreams for about 1 1/two years now. anyone?

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Answer by Julian White
maybe you subconsciously genuinely wanna be a train driver.
or you’ve had a a bad encounter.
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  1. it is so weird that you would ask that man because ive been having a couple train dreams myself these past few weeks. im really interested in someone who can answer this, notify me when its resolved please.

  2. Have you ridden trains a lot? if you have, the dream is just a memory coming back.

    Haven’t ridden them a lot or at all? It just means you’ve got a recall from the movies or imagining what the experience is like.

    Give it some thought. There’s something that ties you to trains in some way – fantasy, past experience, good experience, bad experience. Read something that made a very strong experience.

    I dream about trains too. i dream that one day the United States will have good trains against, as good as anyone in the world, instead of these broken down relics because we won’t spend enough money on them (with few exceptions). I’ve had really strong dreams about taking a TGV type train from Boston to Los Angeles. I go to Boston (I don’t live near there) and catch a train in late afternoon and a half a dozen stations later, after a good dinner, coffee and breakfast after a nice sleep in a comfortable berth, zipping across the countryside and arriving at my destination early the next afternoon, 20 hours later. Instead of getting hassled with security at airlines, I just get on and I have room to stretch my legs.

    It gives a nice image of taking your house with you, putting it on wheels and relaxing while the beautiful countryside flies by just outside your window.

    Then there are the days I catch Metro-North, which is efficient, but the trains are ancient, the ride is rough and I think about the comfort of a Dutch commuter train. I dream about taking the Dutch train into NYC.

    And sometimes I recall a train ride as a child that seemed to go on forever, from the Deep South to Indianapolis and then Chicago. The rivers were flooded and and the train flew through it, seeming almost to be skimming across the water, rather than being above it.

    The writer John Dos Passos wrote once about a similar feeling when he took the train from Miami to Key West, the tracks just above the water, a bit of mist outside and an eerie feeling of floating above it. As a result of having experienced something similar, I had a tremendous empathy for what I was reading.

    I travel a lot outside the US, many times on railroads all over Europe, parts of Africa and Latin America. It’s something of a romantic ideal in the US. Outside, it can be, but more often it’s just a pragmatic cool way to travel. Get up early in the morning, leave your hotel, go to the station and four hours later be deposited 750 miles away. Spend the day and take an evening train back, a late meal and bottle of wine with good company.

    Nothing wrong with dreaming about trains unless they’re unpleasant. (There are a few of those in my dreams too).


  3. Developing ones personality, striving for success and being sociable. Fleeing from present situations. According to Freud, leaving on a train and being on a traveling train means death. However, Freud suffered from a train phobia.

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