What is the best way to travel through England and Europe by train?

Question by : What is the best way to travel through England and Europe by train?
My mom and I are planning a trip to Europe for next summer. We wanted to begin our trip in London and then ride a train to Paris and finally Frankfurt. I’m just looking for any advice that you all could offer! We’re trying to plan this ourselves and the task has proved daunting!
I know that once you’re on the continent you can buy rail passes, but since England isn’t included in a lot of those I didn’t know if it would be worth the money!

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look it up 🙂

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  1. Hi, i think the best way to travel in England is by air, cause the domestic flights can be very cheap, just track it until you find the best deal. For travel in Europe, both by air and by train are ok, flight is fast but sometimes the airport the budget airlines use is far from the city; on the contrary, ain station is always in or near the city centre, but the journey may take longer time. So, it’s up to you.

  2. There is a great site for rail travel here in Europe that has much more information about railpasses than there is room for in a single answer: http://www.seat61.com/ . This has links to the various national train sites where you can find schedules and prices. The German site is particularly useful for planning schedules throughout Europe: http://www.bahn.de/i/view/USA/en/index.shtml . This will also tell you how to determine whether a railpass makes sense for your trip or not. In your case, it is likely that it would be cheaper just to buy individual tickets for the trains especially if you buy them far enough in advance to take advantage of available discounts. As you already know, you cannot use the railpass on the train from London to Paris or in England. There are various levels of discount for tickets on the Paris to Frankfurt route – the cheapest being 39 euro. For the day I looked at next month, that was not available, but a 49 euro ticket is available. The standard fare is 106 euro for a direct train in 2nd class. If you have a railpass, you still need to make a reservation for the TGV from Paris to Frankfurt at an additional cost of 5 euro.

  3. You want a travel in which you stop in London, Paris and Frankfurt?
    In that case, go to a travel agency and have them buy tickets for you.
    If they buy it for you 3 months before travel, you should get the best price.
    Only if you want to spend about half your time in a train the rail pass is likely cheaper. Eurail as you are from outside Europe. (InterRail is just for Europeans.)

    If you want to do it yourself, you can follow the links on this page: http://www.seat61.com/railshop.htm
    Again, do not try to buy much more than 3 months in advance, most tickets will not be on sale yet, some are just available 2 months before travel.

    Remember, the times for next year will not yet be known, mostly schedules are published twice a year in the start of summer and in December. But if you want to do a plan, the times this summer are likely almost the same as those next year, mostly the times just change by a few minutes. Maybe one train is added to or taken from the schedule, but there are many trains each day.
    If you want to do a test run in buying tickets, in all systems you can ‘order’ a ticket but till you enter your personal details you do not buy. Just play around a bit.

    That same site also has an information page on rail passes: http://www.seat61.com/Railpass-and-Eurail-pass-guide.htm There is a lot of information there, the first three items are worth reading, from there on just read what sounds like you can use it.

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