Travelling by train in europe (austria, germany, czech republic)?

train ride through europe
by Chris Devers

Question by ISLANDER221: Travelling by train in europe (austria, germany, czech republic)?
Hi! i will be traveling alone in europe for a month this is my first time in europe and the trains seem to be very confusing!!!
I am planning to go in order through the following cities:

Vienna (to leave)

I was wondering if buying a eurail youth select 3 country pass (for five train rides) will be worth it. It gets weird since Czech Republic doesnt qualify for the pass (or any other rail passes)…i’ve been looking on various sites and it looks like even 2nd class tickets in july/aug start from $ 75 or so.

does anybody have recommendations for how to go about this in the most economical way?

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Answer by tompink
I just looked up some things for you on

A 5-day youthpass (under 26) for Germany and Austria costs $ 273, plus you’d need to pay about $ 62 for the crossing through Czechy.
So, since a 3-country select pass (Au, Ge, Cz) is only $ 279, if 5 days are enough, go for that.

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