Riding the Eurail

Enjoying the train ride through Europe. The views are spectacular and the ride really comfy.
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Murmansk-Nordkapp - 10'000km on a Suzuki SV650S

4 weeks of riding by way of the most lovely areas northern Europe has to provide. Northern Europe (Scandinavia and adjoining north-western part of Russia) is a location complete of background and exciting locations. Vast and sparsely populated landscapes, harsh climate and wonderful nature formed men and women and culture and make this one particular of the prime destinations for motorcycle travel in Europe. From the taiga in russian Karelia to Kola Peninsula and Murmansk, by way of the sparse landscapes of northern Norway amongst Kirkenes, Hamningberg and the renowned Nordkapp. From the northernmost road on continental Europe via finnish and swedish Lapland on to the Lofoten and along the norwegian coast via fjords and mountains. You have to see this place for yourself! If you want to make a comparable trip or ride parts of my route, right here is what my route looked like: Following riding the auto train (DB Autozug) from Lörrach to Hamburg, the ferry from Germany (Travemünde) brought me to Helsinki, where I headed east towards the russian border – to Санкт Петербург (Saint-Petersburg). Immediately after sightseeing for a day, I headed north on the Magistrale 18 (Кола) by way of Петрозаводск (Petrozavodsk), Медвежьегорск (Medvezhyegorsk ) and Мончегорск (Monchegorsk) and arrived in Murmansk (Мурманск) a handful of days later. Subsequent on the strategy was riding to Norway (Kirkenes), from exactly where I took two detours to Grense Jakobselv and Hamningberg, before I rode to the Nordkapp. Back south by way of a bit of finnish Lapland and Sweden