Riding the Eurail

Enjoying the train ride through Europe. The views are spectacular and the ride really comfy.
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Murmansk-Nordkapp - 10'000km on a Suzuki SV650S

4 weeks of riding by way of the most lovely areas northern Europe has to provide. Northern Europe (Scandinavia and adjoining north-western part of Russia) is a location complete of background and exciting locations. Vast and sparsely populated landscapes, harsh climate and wonderful nature formed men and women and culture and make this one particular of the prime destinations for motorcycle travel in Europe. From the taiga in russian Karelia to Kola Peninsula and Murmansk, by way of the sparse landscapes of northern Norway amongst Kirkenes, Hamningberg and the renowned Nordkapp. From the northernmost road on continental Europe via finnish and swedish Lapland on to the Lofoten and along the norwegian coast via fjords and mountains. You have to see this place for yourself! If you want to make a comparable trip or ride parts of my route, right here is what my route looked like: Following riding the auto train (DB Autozug) from Lörrach to Hamburg, the ferry from Germany (Travemünde) brought me to Helsinki, where I headed east towards the russian border – to Санкт Петербург (Saint-Petersburg). Immediately after sightseeing for a day, I headed north on the Magistrale 18 (Кола) by way of Петрозаводск (Petrozavodsk), Медвежьегорск (Medvezhyegorsk ) and Мончегорск (Monchegorsk) and arrived in Murmansk (Мурманск) a handful of days later. Subsequent on the strategy was riding to Norway (Kirkenes), from exactly where I took two detours to Grense Jakobselv and Hamningberg, before I rode to the Nordkapp. Back south by way of a bit of finnish Lapland and Sweden

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  1. Fantastic
    will be travelling thru from Paris to Amsterdam/switzerland/italy and back to France in Dec 2012
    all by Eurorail.just rec our global pass. so cant wait!!!!

  2. ice? it is ICE (and it means InterCity Expres), pronounce it I C E, single letters(not like icecream)

    and it is TGV (not TVG), Train a Grande Vitesse

  3. awesome! thanks for the vid. i’ll be getting a eurail pass to backpack through europe this summer and i wanted to get a preview of how it was gonna be like. so thanks again for the post. i do have one question though. is this first class or second class? i’ll be getting the youth global pass and i think that’s strictly second class.

  4. I did the same thing, but with a drift camera. Have the camera run from the bike battery. At the end of every riding day I copied the video to a netbook with external HD. In my 5 week trip I collected about 75 hours of video which was almost 500GByte.

    BTW nice video, makes me want to go again.

  5. Hi there, fantastic inspiring video. With scenery like that, it’s enough to remind you that life is actually worth living. A mate of mine is off to the south of France on his GSX650F and he’s only just passed his test. I passed my test in 1997 and thinking about it, I’ve never explored anywhere on a motorcycle and probably never will. Did you have any problems with the SV? How did you find the Norweigans? You’ve got courage to do a trip like that on your own.

  6. Hi there, what Kawasaki do you have? I have a ZZR600 (E10) and would love to do a trip like this, and although I’ve been riding bikes now for 16 years, probably never will. In 16 years, the most extensive trip I’ve done is from Portsmouth to Liverpool on a GS500E and that was last year. So you could say I’ve never really exploited the potential joys of biking as all I do is stay confined in my home town and just ride to work and back.

  7. Thank you. 🙂 Yeah finnish roads are probably not that interesting on a sportsbike – the gravel roads are cool though. I guess the speed limit could be because of deer.
    I’m rather proud that I never crashed or tipped my SV650, but I got stuck in the mud after a rainy night in the russian woods. That was rather unpleasant. Riding almost every day for four weeks is draining a lot of energy, I underestimated that and it felt like a hangover back at home (an especially at work).

  8. Very beautiful video, liked it a lot. How did you like Finnish roads with their 80 km/h limits? =) Slow but safe, however I would increase it to 100 km/h at many road sections, and it would still be safe. I noticed you did some offroad in Russia, any falls? And what about fatigue after 4 week riding? Yeah, Russian customs are pretty slow and in many cases they act pointless, at least they eased the procedure for leaving Russia to Finland for Russian citizens – no need to fill in declarations.

  9. Thanks!! I rode from Helsinki to St. Petersburg in two easy days. It took me three hours to get through russian customs, but it can easily be twice as much, so don’t calculate too tight. All the major roads in (european) Russia are paved nowadays and can be ridden by anything (and anyone). That should be your least concern. But always be aware of the russian drivers. 🙂

  10. Hey! I ran Michelin Pilot Road 3 tyres. Road tires, but very endurable and reliable. Don’t be afraid of a little bit of offroad – just keep it slow and dont cramp 🙂 Godspeed you!

  11. Hi there.Quality video! I’m planning a trip from Newcastle in the UK to Murmansk next summer on my kawasaki and your video has got me even more motivated. Can you tell me how long it took you to ride Helsinki to Murmansk and the quality of the road for a bike? What sort of speed were you able to ride? Especially M18 north from St Petersburg to Murmansk?

  12. Great video! Really inspiring, since I’m gonna be doing something like this in August. Can I ask what tires u used? Do you need kind of allroadish-tires for this stuff (1:28)?

  13. great, awsome and epic! congras for the journey! and keep on riding and recording 😀
    and a quick Q: how much money did you spend overall?

  14. спасибо! я учус русский язык сейчас. я хочу идти на мурманске ещё раз 🙂

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  16. I’m an Australian living in Canada randomly checking out your video and it’s awesome! Thanks a lot for taking the time to chronicle your journey. I’d love to make a similar trip one day. Cheers buddy

  17. You are the best! Last year i did something similar on my Vespa, from Greece to Nordkapp through Russia and back through Denmark etc. Now i’m preparing a video of the trip and i suddenly fall on yours! You did just a great jop! Greatings from Greece and wish you the best!!!

  18. hi friend.since a week reapply watching your film,a wanna say u thanks a lot. as all i also want to say you:you have truly inspired me.that june a am planing to ride Moskow-Antalya.if somebody wants to join,wellcome.

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