Q&A: Have you ever traveled through Europe?

Query by ~KingOFHollywooD~: Have you ever traveled by means of Europe?
My friend and I were pondering of traveling in Europe. About two months. We wanted to travel on a train that you pay $ 800-$ 1000 a ticket and then you can ride it anytime for the time you are there? We wanted to see as a lot as you can, as anybody traveling does, so I was curious if you have ever traveled across Europe? What guidance would you give us? Places to see? Things to take? and so forth
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Answer by Willeke
Unless you are a train buff, reduce down the time in the train and commit much more time in every single of your destinations.
For every day in the train devote at least 3 days sight seeing, for each and every evening on the train keep at least 1 evening in a hostel.

The limitless rail pass seems a very good deal if you compare it to riding via all European nations, but if you program your travels carefully, you can be considerably less costly not obtaining an limitless pass.
Two three nation passes for one month every single will give you a excellent view of Europe for significantly significantly less fees.
This web site tells you all about trains in Europe and a really a bit in the rest of the world:
Intriguing for you are the chapter rail passes and in that must I get a rail pass or point to point tickets, and all country chapters for the nations you want to go to.

Which nations are ideal for you to pay a visit to depends on your wishes, your view on Europe, stories you have heard and things like that.
But what ever you chose, you can not go wrong. I would pick a country per week, and select two to four nations near each and every other and some other folks in a group in an other portion of Europe.

Take as little as you can get away with, if you take too much you are hunting for locations to leave it all the time. Men and women who can restrict their pack to five kg/ten pound only are significantly happier, no want to leave your things and go back to choose them up at the finish of the day.
You will have to do laundry, just do it far more usually.

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