Q&A: Exactly where can I book a train/bus ride from Paris to Germany?

Query by FashionMouse: Exactly where can I book a train/bus ride from Paris to Germany?
This summer I am volunteering in Germany (precise place in Germany to be decided). I’ve found nonetheless I will save about $ 300 if I fly to Paris rather of straight to Germany, so i’d like to bus/train it there and back (about a two-three lengthy project).
Where can I discover a return bus/train pass for Paris-Germany?

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Answer by Randy P
For train, you could attempt www.raileurope.com. For quite lengthy hauls, the train may possibly not be such a fantastic deal. You may also want to check into a discount airline like Easyjet www.easyjet.com.

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t_maia2000 April 25, 2014 at 8:33 pm

Try the following links:

http://www.eurolines.fr (bus)
http://www.skyscanner.net (search engine for budget flights)
http://www.reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/en (German train site)
http://www.tgv-europe.com/ (French train site for fast and expensive long-distance international trains)

If you are only going Paris – volunteer city in Germany and back it will be cheaper to use point-to-point tickets than to buy a railpass. (Eurail in your case since you are from outside of Europe, see http://www.eurail.com)


If you book online through http://www.bahn.de (the German train site above) with a credit card and print out the ticket you need to take that credit card with you because the ticket is not valid without it.

Do not use raileurope.com, they are a travel agency based in the USA that charges you big fees for a mediocree service.

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