europe by train?

Question by tampa1984: europe by train?
ok gonna ride the train by means of europe for my graduation trip ill be there for 12 days do i require to have a visa to check out all of europe or will my usa passport be ok

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Answer by ryssee
USA passport will be OK, no visas needed for most (if not all) European nations. Here’s a tip even though, have copies of your passport (with the picture and numbers) and hold them separate from your passport. Place them in your luggage and a copy in your pocket, and give a copy to your loved ones. I had mine stolen along with my purse and this would have helped me A LOT. Have a Great time! 🙂

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  1. Since you are not a citizen residing in a European country your passport and train ticket should be enough to get through the trip without incident. Make sure you have copies of any identification, passport, and credit cards. That way if something gets stolen you will have proof that it is yours.

  2. the U.S.passport is good for Europe but you
    have to check with the State Department’s web site about the Eastern European countries.
    Traveling in Europe by train is a wonderful experience but you need to do your homework
    because there’s a lot of things you must do before & during taking the trip but it’s okay if you know all about it to enjoy the trip in complete safety.

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