When is it the best time to buy train tickest in Europe?

Question by : When is it the best time to buy train tickest in Europe?
The cheapest time to travel?like which holidays,specials around the year is the best time to buy tickets? and the worst time to buy tickets?

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Answer by Willeke
For all tickets that have cheaper tickets for early booking, try before three months before travel, although most come for sale exactly 90 days before travel early in the morning, or even at midnight, so early in the morning on the day they come available is always a good choice.

For the rest, all long weekends are more busy, like Easter, Whit sunday, and all school holidays, specially those around Christmas and the summer holidays.
The busy period around the summer holidays starts already in June, July and August will be most busy, September is still rather busy, after the autumn breaks in October it will be less busy again.

But with early booking and being a little flexible, it is possible to get the cheapest train ticket deals even on the busiest weeks of August.
The worst time to buy is very near the date of travel, or on the day of travel. But there are countries where the tickets do not change price whatever day you buy them, like the Netherlands. And the tickets Belgium to the Netherlands are as cheap for the same day as they are 3 months ahead, unless you want to travel on the high speed train.

This is a good website, with a lot of information about train travel in Europe:
Just browse, there is a lot of information.
For train times, and buying tickets within Germany, try this site:

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