Vacation in Romania?

Question by rijpma05: Holiday in Romania?
If you have a summer train holiday through eastern Europe and you pass Romania… what is a cool place to stop by? Keyword: fun!

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  1. Crime is very high in Romania and they especialy do not like Americans and that was even before 911.

  2. Bucharest , Prahova valley but the in summer the party moves to the Black See’s shore. Mamaia near Constanta and the other resorts are hosts to numerous parties and concerts.

  3. Conditions are so bad in romania due to high unemployment and social depression that its open season on foreigners, to get whatever they got, even the clothes they wear. There’s a big business there selling human organs to westerners needing transplants e.g. -kidneys go for $ 25,000 payable only in euros or dollars. Dont get off the train there unless youre accompanied by at least 2 strong male friends. And dont think going to Bulgaria will help you to cope with yugos.
    That’s another gang that doesnt like foreigners, and with razor sharp knives to do what is necessary to get what the foreigners go around in, cars, and even shoes and clothes.

  4. u can visit Brasov, very beautiiful city in center of Romania, Bran, where Dracula castle is, Sighisoara, also a very hystorical city….. make some trips in Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains….

  5. A nice place to visit in the summer is Brasov. Because it is nice and a elegant and social area with a breathtaking view of the mountains. There are numerous castles and historical places and museums. I have been there it is beautiful and calm.

  6. I am from Romania,and I’m sorry to inform that all your prejudices are wrong, we don’t sell ourselves , we are a proud people with greater history than anyone has ever had dating from year 84B.C.Don’t mock us because of some bad examples which are the gypsies I know you are going to say to get rid of them but we can’t and if we try we are judged for discrimination.The EU constrains us to defend minorities and they gypsies are taking advantage of it.
    It all depends where you go now doesn’t it..?Every civilized city has bad neighborhoods , even the US , England, France , Italy , you can get robbed anywhere , and I would like to disagree with the person who said that criminality is very high in Romania, what about the US?Never mind.
    If you want to stop in Romania my friend visit Iasi the Palace of Culture(Palatul Culturii) visit Copou boulevard, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University , Iasi is a cultural city with many places to visit.

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