Lego Christmas Train 40034 Polybag Review

Lego set 40034 Christmas Train polybag evaluation. Cost is £3.99 UK, .99 USA, .99 Canada, €4.99 Europe, .99 Australia. Get aboard the Christmas Train for LEGO brick-built Christmas exciting! This wonderful stocking stuffer or holiday decoration actually moves with 16 silver wheels, an engine auto with room for a minifigure and a train auto total of LEGO brick-built candy canes. Makes a fantastic straightforward-to-build gift! Characteristics 16 silver wheels, train engine and auto total of LEGO® brick candy canes Built vibrant LEGO Christmas dècor Tends to make a great stocking stuffer! Drive the train with the moving wheels! ————————————————————————– Please subscribe Follow The Brick Box on Facebook. Stick to The Brick Box on Twitter. Toy Critique Tv – Great Toy Reviews. ————————————————————————– Intro music = iStockphoto®, ©Clay73, Rise And Shine. Outro music = iStockphoto®, ©softpiano, Tough Freak Rock Singer.

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Video Rating: four / five

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  1. 2:27 you cannot put a minifig in there, because of the studs on the side of the 2×2 bricks.

  2. Thanks, the 16 wheel description came from the Lego website so it must be a mistake from their end.

  3. Great review, but how are there 16 silver wheels? I only see 10 on the set.

    By the way, following you on Facebook and I really like your reviews. Keep going.

  4. Im going interailing for 7 days in western europe for my birthday any suggestions of must places to go.

  5. Looks like you all had an awesome time! I’m looking at going for a month in the summer of 2014. Gonna work for a year solid from next summer right the way through. How much spending money did you all need, for hostels, food and all the other touristy things?

  6. Wow looks amazing i was hoping to go this summer interailing but we are 17 do you think thats too young? also are there any places you recommend??

  7. I got back last month and had the best time of my life. I went to Belgium, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and Budapest. Prague was by far my favourite

  8. Yeah man, in Poland you will live like a king and have 3 course dinners with steins of beer all for under 15 euros 🙂
    Budapest, Amsterdam and Poland are the the best party cities.
    Have fun!

  9. Cool video guys, i am going interailling through europe in 3 weeks. My route is Belgium, amsterdam, berlin, prague, budapest. Is it cheaper in eastern europe like prague etc?

  10. hey im going: pairs Amsterdam Berlin Munich Prague Bled Croatia and few other places any things that you would recommend doing any cool sight’s or things to do ?

  11. It may seem rude.. but how much approx. does it all cost? Need to get saving for this summer!

  12. This in hands down the best interrail video I’ve ever seen on youtube, always puts me into a good mood 🙂

  13. Lol Great video man, Knew straight from the start it was a bunch of Northern Ireland Folk haha! ( Also the football top give it away) I was wondering where were u at 8:00

  14. Hey, thats in Wien (Vienna), Austria. Massive funfair that is there all year round and you can find it by going on the open top bus tours where you can hop on – hop off 🙂 Hope that helps.

  15. Hey check the other guys comment which i replied to. contains a good bit of info on cost 🙂
    Eastern European countries such as Crotia, Poland, Hungary are all you money saving countries and often the best places to party and meet new friends. Poland – Krakow was my favourite place and the rest of the guys liked Budapest the best.

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