European Trip 1930s – Amateur Film – Part three of 4

European Trip 1930s - Amateur Film - Part 3 of 4 American Vagabonds on Grand Tour This is my favourite amateur film. The photographer has a accurate interest in places, sights and buildings visited, and most of the footage has high high quality. Some young Americans – “Bill and I” – travel in Europe, probably in 1936 (the airship Hindenburg is noticed passing Cologne heading towards Berlin). They leave New York in march and sail house in the autumn. They go by boat and train and come to numerous places Lisbon, Gibraltar, Algiers, Palermo, Naples, Capri, Monaco, Geneva, Wengen, Lucerne, Cologne, Brussels, Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg, Munich and Berlin. I do not know who these individuals are, or if they did some thing far more than sightseeing during this half year. You get glimpses of individual life, but in the end you discover anonymity. Their tourist viewpoint seems to change during the trip. Initial they see “picturesque” and “strange” issues. Algiers is a “city of contrasts”. They come to “The modern French section”, and then see “some strange sights in the old Arabic quarters”. Some women in hijabs run away from the offensive tourist camera, even though some boys laugh – at the Americans. In Vienna, Budapest and Berlin they see a lot more of the ordinary life in between the fantastic buildings, and they see the Nazis. There are wonderful pictures of Nazis marching in Berlin and of the people watching. Near the finish, now in colour, we see a brown house with vibrant red Nazi flags waving in the wind. Bill stands in front of this residence. Strange adequate, his
Video Rating: 5 / five