Thalys PBKA

A few nice Thalys images I found:

Thalys PBKA
Image by InSapphoWeTrust
A pair of Thalys trainsets at Paris Gare du Nord.

Thalys is a privately run monopoly rail service, with funding from four national railroads, that runs nonstop from Paris Nord to Brussels Midi in 85 minutes, with continuing service to Amsterdam or Cologne. Despite its high fares, it is convenient. And the fastest way to travel between Paris and Brussels – so much so that there is no longer any air service between the two cities.

Due to Europe’s Schengen open border zone, Thalys trains board from normal domestic platforms.

I had traveled on Thalys back in 1998. This time in 2003, I am not traveling on Thalys.

These are PBKA (Paris-Bruxelles-Köln-Amsterdam) trainsets that can travel to Cologne; older PBA (Paris-Bruxelles-Amsterdam) trainsets are incompatible with German electric systems so they can travel only to Amsterdam. PBA trainsets are standard TGV Réseau while these PBKA trainsets substitute more modern TGV locomotives (same as ones used on the TGV Duplex). The foreground train (4305) is owned by SNCB, Belgium’s national rail.

Thalys trainsets in Paris Nord
Image by Daniel Sparing
Thalys is a high speed rail brand in Belgium and its neighboring countries exploiting the Paris-Brussels high speed line and running trains as far as Amsterdam, Cologne and the Alps/Cote d’Azur according to the season.

Thalys is running dark red single-deck Alstom TGV trainsets compatible with French and Benelux systems.

Thalys 9323 – Salad
Image by Xin Li 88
Paris Gare du Nord to Amsterdam Centraal Station…