12 thoughts on “Thalys Metamorphosis”

  1. Was kost das Digitalset? Züge hab ich so Analoge welche ich übers Trafo ansteuern kann.
    Geht das bei mir auch?

  2. You are welcome. 🙂 BTW , Marklin has made the Thalys quite slow due to the motors arrangement problem. If you are looking for the real sound and it ‘s loud as well , I think the Marklin Thalys is not suitable. Those sounds are quite disappointing as they are not produced by ESU anymore. Marklin tends to make almost every part in order to cut cost after their bankruptcy. Even your Piko ICE 3 can run faster than the TGV!

  3. Thanks for the info, but the Marklin model is better than the Mehano one I think. Because it’s more detailed and has many functions on it.
    Also the aditional cars from Mehano are coupled to far from other coaches, that looks kinda unrealistic.

  4. Well this one is gonna replace my current Mehano Thalys, thats for sure! It’s looks very nice, Good job!

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