Is it attainable to travel from Amsterdam to Paris by way of train with out utilizing Thalys?

by ines saraiva

Question by : Is it attainable to travel from Amsterdam to Paris through train with out using Thalys?
I am travelling on a Eurail International Pass. Is there any way to get from Amsterdam to Paris without having paying the extra fee for Thalys? Thank you!

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Answer by Willeke
Yes, there is.
It is slower and requires a handful of alter of trains.
This site will let you to work out the schedule, pick ‘all with no ICE’ enter Amsterdam centraal or whichever station you want to leave from, and Paris, or select the station you want to arrive.

The program will ask for your age, just enter a random number, as you are not concerned about prices and the website will not be in a position to inform you prices in any case.

This is one particular sample, it is one particular of the far better ones for time in journey and few transfers, but it is an early commence and you will have only 5 minutes for the adjust in Antwerp. But the advantage of this sort of traveling is that you do not need to have to make reservations, so if you miss this train, just wait for the next.

Amsterdam Centraal Fr, 25.02.11 dep 05:53
Antwerpen Centraal Fr, 25.02.11 arr 08:00
Antwerpen Centraal Fr, 25.02.11 dep 08:05
Lille Flandres Fr, 25.02.11 arr 09:54
Lille Flandres Fr, 25.02.11 dep 10:37
Amiens Fr, 25.02.11 arr 12:01
Amiens Fr, 25.02.11 dep 12:13
Paris Nord Fr, 25.02.11 arr 13:20

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