Exactly where to go in Belgium From Amsterdam?

Query by Marcia B: Where to go in Belgium From Amsterdam?
I’ll be in AMS for four days and want to take the train from either Schipol or Central Station. I want to take the train to Belgium, commit the night there, take the train back to AMS, invest the night and fly back to the US the next day. My query is with that quick time frame, which city ought to I go to? I will be taking the Thalys train, if that’s beneficial to know.
I’d like to go to a location in Belgium that is a quick train ride away from AMS (no far more than two to two.5 hours), and when I get there, I’d like something that delivers a excellent assortment of restaurants, cafes, one thing that’s walkable, scenic, and has a tourist attraction or two.
Thanks for the excellent answers, everybody. I believe Antwerp is where I’ll finish up. Sounds like its a good alternative for not having a auto and it sounds like it’s quite walkable.

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Answer by Jade
I was just not too long ago on a field study that involved Brussels, Brugge, Antwerp, and Ghent. All 4 are nice locations, but it highly depends on what you want to do. I was on a fine arts tour. All 4 locations have interesting art museums and art nevertheless standing. Brugge and Ghent are good quiet towns, excellent for picnicing and day-triping, specially on quite days. Antwerp and Brussels are far bigger and quicker-paced. If you have much more certain tips on how you’d like to invest your time, please ask. I was in Brussels for most of that week, so on that score, I could even recommend restaurants!

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