Advance obtain fare on Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris?

Question by cee.lynn: Advance purchase fare on Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris?
I see on the Thalys website that there is a special fare for purchase 15 or 30 days in advance, but when I go to buy the tickets for my travel (more than 15 days away), I am not offered this fare. Is it like airlines where the “special” fare is just sold out or do I have to do something else to recieve this advance purchase fare?

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Answer by LaFeeFan
I just checked the Dutch high-speed ticket website for direct train fares. For mid-October they offer the regular fare (78,50 €) on the morning trains, and the special fare (36,00 €) for the afternoon trains. For November they offer 25,00 € tickets on various direct connections.
An English version is available at:

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