Advance obtain fare on Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris?

Question by cee.lynn: Advance purchase fare on Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris?
I see on the Thalys website that there is a special fare for purchase 15 or 30 days in advance, but when I go to buy the tickets for my travel (more than 15 days away), I am not offered this fare. Is it like airlines where the “special” fare is just sold out or do I have to do something else to recieve this advance purchase fare?

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Answer by LaFeeFan
I just checked the Dutch high-speed ticket website for direct train fares. For mid-October they offer the regular fare (78,50 €) on the morning trains, and the special fare (36,00 €) for the afternoon trains. For November they offer 25,00 € tickets on various direct connections.
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  1. There is always just a very limited amount of the ticket for the cheapest fare.
    To get that fare you have to buy the ticket on the morning the fare comes available, before office time when the travel agencies book the tickets for their customers.
    In the evening of that day there mostly are non of the cheap tickets left, 14 days later it would be a miracle to get a ticket for that price.

    Added after reading LaFeeFan’s answer:
    For the trains that are less popular the cheap tickets do not sell as fast, so be as flexible with your traveltimes as you can, search for the best price on the day you want to travel.

  2. tricky marketeers on each train the only have a few cheap seats, but if you hurry, you pay less (especially on mid dayytrains)

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