Travel help – experiences on TGV trains?

Question by Rachael: Travel help – experiences on TGV trains?
hey, I’m hoping to travel across Switzerland to Italy using TGV because they are so fast and I only have a week. However, I have read stories on the internet about bad experiences and bad service from these train stations.
Have you used these before?
would you recommend them?
was most of the journey in train tunnels or was there some nice scenery to look at?
thanks in advance 🙂

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Answer by Rango
As far as I know the TGV only operates in France but the Eurostar is very similar and operates the rest of Europe.
I have been on both and they were some of the finest travel experiences I have ever had.
the equipment was new and modern, the ride was fantastic and scenery is always nice, I love looking at the country I am traveling through much more than looking down on it from the air.

Relax and enjoy the trip.

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