TGV world speed record 574.8 km/h 3 April 2007

TGV world speed record 574.8 km/h 3 April 2007 enjoy
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Mix of whistling high-speed trains in France: TGV Haute-Picardie train station on LGV-Nord rail line. Champagne-Ardenne TGV train statio on LGV-Est rail line. Each TGV (gray-blue) train set & Thalys (maroon-gray) is 200m long, two power cars and eight carriages. Eurostar (yellow-white) is ~400m long, two power cars and 18 carriages. So you can calculate the speed if you have time stopper. 19 dec. 2009 (from my Eurotrip-9) soundtrack: 1) Airbase – Theme From The Rock [remix] 2) William Orbit – Adagio For Strings [Paul Oakenfold mix] 3) The Doors – People Are Strange [Infected Mushroom Remix] 4) Infected Mushroom – Franks

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  1. Wow i’ve just double speeded up this youtube video from it normal speed to an average of 2.0x kmph train traveling at blinded speed from 574.8 kmph to more than 900 mph. lol

  2. they seem to use bio ethanol in their car. their effort for ecology is admirable.
    thinking as technology, biofuel have existed ever since 70 years ago. it is not so cutting-edge?

  3. たしか、この車両につまれたモーターは、三菱製だった気がする。

  4. Meanwhile-in America………90 mph crap trains roll thru towns they don’t stop at………

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  6. la semaine dernière des intervenant de la sncf sont venu dans notre lycée poiur nous prévenir des riques et ils nous on montré cette vidéo =)

  7. Do a search on Google images for “tgv viaduc” and you’ll see some ‘tough country’ already covered.

  8. the west,tho the necessary tech is largly present,but situation is largly dictated by reasons of “necessity” in contrast to flying,cost prohibitions & funding,affordability by individual nation’s considering current state of the economy & lastly,spoil-sports’ initiatives on issues of so-called “environmental impact & speed safety?”crap,by & larg are essentially killing progress & tech development alike,whereas in China scient & technolog-ists are givn free-reign to catch-up or overtake the world

  9. be part-of suc a “one-off “ride of their is understood that for safety reasons,normal operating speeds is but like 100 mph shaved off this,what a shame tho.lf only emergence of technologies can be forth-coming enuf to make “Ground Adhesion” possible,then we can look forward to trains that travel at speeds in excess of the current record,perhaps close or exceeding wudn’t be surprising,the Chiniz may perhaps get there 1st,considering their current tech-renaissance trend.While in

  10. very nice videos, but u may put light musuc or can do witout it instead put the real track sound of the passing train

  11. Actually your right.
    There is 32 full speed passing trains, 2 slow moving trains, 6 trains standing at station, and 1 train seen at ride from an other train (at relative speed of ±600km/h).

  12. TGV Trains of europe especially france is so noisy! even louder than a jetplane, it even creates noise pollution

  13. Great selection trains The TGV is my favourite I went on it to Euro-disney a few years ago Im hoping to take my son on there next year as he loves the train. But great footage.

  14. Been on the TGV between Paris and Du Mans – it’s a much better solution than what we have here in the U.S.

    Of course, the French aren’t stupid enough to drive either SUVs either, although high gas taxes are the real impetus.

  15. I don’t understand why people have to put music on their videos that are not matching at all. Stupid music on this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Nice, but it would be much nicer if you had leave the original audio. No music please for this kind of video showing these wonderful machines! We want to see them and HEAR them!


  18. Just putting it out there, 320kmh is actually 199mph, not 186.

    Great video though, you’ve done a really professional job with this! :)

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