25 thoughts on “TGV high speed train at 200km/h”

  1. The European dream,shut up! I from Romania and is not a bad country! We are civilized!my cousin live in France and in his holidays is coming here! So shut the fuck up men!

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  3. i’m japanese

    i think these trains are very nice!!
    but,japanese shinkansen is aiso nice.

  4. 0:44 TGV 325! haaaa
    Record train! 515km/h in 1990 year
    TGV trains- Beautiful trains!!!!!!!

  5. I agree U.K. generally doesn’t have huge rivers and big mountains all over the place and is densely populated with mild weather. Should be near ideal railway building country.

  6. lol this is nowjere near 200kmh… still accelerating or somthing, this is 120-140 TOPS :)))

  7. No they don’t. There is no way even Acela Express (fastest train in the US) could even touch the TGV. MARC’s may say maximum 200km/h but never go that fast ever. I bet the track is rated at 125km/h MAX, if that.

  8. No, this isn’t a high speed line but a conventional one. TGV can hit 220 k/h on some of them.

  9. And this train is just slowing down because the station. On most lines, the TGV hits 300 km/h

  10. Здесь ТГВ’хи гоняют в качестве электричек, и их тут как грязи, а у нас один сапсанчик еле-еле потянули!
    Как мы отстаем!

  11. What do you mean? I love the sound of the motor blowers on the TGV. In my opinion, the TGV is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. in france the society of railway is national, that’s why they can develop the fast train all over the world

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