Has anyone traveled through Eurail before? and if so, how does it work?

Question by julie: Has anyone traveled through Eurail before? and if so, how does it work?
-How many countries can I go to and how much?
-How does the traveling work?
-Where are the trains? Do I still have to pay for the air trip?

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Answer by Dart
You go to their website, and look at the map to find out which countries are involved. I know it has changed since my day.

Traveling: You get on the trains, and go…wait! Most runs require you to book seats. Again, a change since my day. You have to reserve the seats at the ticket windows. And they cost. Many runs also have surcharges which you have to pay for at the ticket windows. I’m sure you get packages that explain those things when you buy the pass.

How much you pay depends on how old you are…If you qualify for the Youthpass, it’s much less expensive, much more worthwhile, and you travel second class. They are pretty strict that you can’t sort of overflow into the first class compartments.

Yes, when you buy a train pass, you still have to buy an air ticket, unless you plan to walk/swim to the first train station.

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eurail… Europe Trip question?!?!?

Query by CB: eurail… Europe Trip query?!?!?
My roommates and I are planning a backpacking trip even though europe this upcoming summer season!!! we have decided to fly into dublin and function our way by means of europe so we fly residence from madrid, spain. We plan on visiting dublin, london, paris, amsterdam, frankfurt, milan, and Good, France prior to we make it to madrid… are we becoming to ambitious to believe we can hit all these places in 1 month? There will be about 3 days per spot… will we be on the train for way to lengthy if we hit this a lot of cities?

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Answer by Willeke
Most of the time you will shed one day traveling among the cities, that indicates that you will have two days per city, and for London, Paris and maybe Madrid this will be quite brief.
And remember that the UK is not integrated in your pass, so you will have to spend extra for the bit Dublin – London – Paris. And by only going to main cities you miss a lot of what Europe is.

I would reduce out Dublin and London, as traveling there will be high-priced time and/or cash smart, and use that time to stay a day more in Paris and to add 2 small towns or villages, or if that is more your thing, a beach resort.
Get much more variation in your travel schedule and you will don’t forget a lot more, If all areas you check out are alike, they all blur collectively.

A great site to operate out what the travel occasions will be is: http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/en?newrequest=yes&protocol=http:&
Just enter the cities you want to travel among and adjust the date and time, hit enter and all information pops up, including whether you will want reservations for the train. If you do want reservations, you usually also need to have to spend a surcharge when traveling with an Eurail pass.
Producing it a lot more pricey. In some instances it is even greater not to get a pass but to purchase point to point tickets in advance, or even on the day itself.
A website with a lot of info about traveling by train in Europe, such as whether it is wise to get a pass, is that of the man in seat sixty-1: http://www.seat61.com/

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Q&A: What is my very best bet for a Eurail Pass?

Query by rugby missionary: What is my greatest bet for a Eurail Pass?
There will be 3 of us traveling to Germany and France(possibly a 3rd nation). What are the least expensive ways to get about. Which Eurail pass will be very best for me?

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Answer by Steven
Regrettably it is challenging to indicate which pass would be ideal with out understanding far more about your itinerary. So rather, I will try and give you info that will let you make a decision which is greatest for you.

If you will be performing a substantial quantity of train travel in Germany and France, you can buy a two-country France-Germany pass. As there are 3 of you traveling with each other, you can also appear at obtaining a saver pass, which signifies that all three of your names would be printed on the very same ticket. The advantage is that you get cost savings by doing this, but the only potential downside is that you can not go off individually and see one thing if you disagree about what to see on one particular day.

You also have the selection between a 1st and 2nd class pass. If you are not someone who requirements luxury, a 2nd class pass is perfectly fine.

A two-country pass is only obtainable for a certain quantity of travel days (up to 10) within a two-month period. Also, if you are beneath 26 years of age, you can get the youth pass – it is only offered in 2nd class, but you get a discount that is even bigger than for the saver pass.

The way to determine if a rail pass is very best, is to value out the distinction in expense versus point-to-point tickets. To do this, you quite effectively need to know which trains you will be taking in advance. You would need to price out the cost of every trip employing the site for the rail service from which each train will depart. For trains departing from Germany, use http://www.bahn.com/i/view/index.shtml and for trains departing from France, use http://www.tgv-europe.com/ – each of these sites are effortless to use and really helpful at calculating out trips. Once you see how considerably each and every trip expenses, you can examine that cost against a rail pass. By the way, on the TGV-Europe website, when it asks which nation you are from, say “Britain” or “Canada”. If you say “USA”, it will direct you to the Rail Europe internet site, which does not have as numerous choices and is slightly far more pricey.

1 thing to bear in mind about rail passes, is they do not contain reservation costs on trains exactly where they are needed. For Germany and France, this pretty well only indicates for the French TGV (the high-speed train), which charges 3 Euros per seat reservation, and for any night trains that you may be taking.

Now, if you are arranging on going to a third nation, it gets a lot more difficult. First off, if that third nation is the UK, then there is no pass that covers France, Germany, and the UK with each other. If it is any other neighbouring European country, you can get a Eurail Select Pass. This pass is very good for three neighbouring countries (so the third country need to share a border with either France or Germany). The Eurail Choose only comes in a initial class pass, unless you are getting the youth pass (if you are under 26 years of age), which is only available in second class. Once more, you can get a discount as a “saver” pass if you are all sharing the very same pass.

The last problem is if you are travelling to Switzerland or Italy. In Italy, the trains are so low-cost – or the reservation charge you require to pay with a rail pass for the Eurostar Italia or Alto Velocita trains are so higher – that it is virtually often much less pricey to just pay for point-to-point tickets rather than have a pass covering that nation. In Switzerland, a pass can be a very good idea, but a Swiss Rail Pass is normally even much better. The Swiss Rail Pass is a pass only great for the single country of Switzerland, but it gives you included travel on a quantity of private railways (like the ones to Zermatt and Lauterbrunnen, which you would only get a discount fare on if you had a standard Eurail or two-country pass), and it also either consists of the fee for some gondolas, or will at least give you a bigger discount for most gondolas and cogwheel trains than a Eurail pass would.

The last thing is that if you are selecting a Eurail Select pass, you can truly put one nation as “Benelux”. This actually is 3 countries, being Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, but for Eurail they are considered as just a single nation.

I know it is a lot to consider about. My apologies that I could not be more specific in narrowing down the selection for you, but I believe with this data you need to be capable to pick the right pass for you based on your ages, the number of trips you will be taking, and which particular countries you will be going to.

Have a great trip!

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Has any individual utilized a Eurail pick pass?

France Rail Pass
by rino54

Query by Rachael A: Has any person used a Eurail choose pass?

You can go to three nations more than five days in two months. In my case these countries would be Germany, Belgium and France. Has anybody utilised this prior to? Does it effect something if you take an overnight train? If you have a connector train does that influence it? Was it worth the money?

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Answer by conley39
This web site has a lot more info on train travel in Europe and especially on passes than there is space for in this answer: http://www.seat61.com/ .

There are a handful of factors that you need to contemplate prior to buying a pass – it might be less costly to purchase individual tickets. 1st, the passes act as a ticket on the slower regional trains. However, if you want to use the higher speed trains, international trains or evening trains, you still need to make a reservation and pay an additional charge – normally Prior to you get on the train. See: http://www.eurail.com/eurail-reservations-supplements-domestic , http://www.eurail.com/eurail-reservations-supplements-international-trains , http://www.eurail.com/eurail-overnight-trains

There are usually discounts on person tickets on these exact same trains if you acquire the tickets in advance. Put with each other an itinerary for what you want to do and examine the rates of individual tickets against the prices of the passes plus any supplements. (The supplement is the Worldwide pass fare on the internet site). There are hyperlinks to the different country train websites on the man in seat 61 internet site above exactly where you can price tag individual tickets.

It can be worth the price tag, particularly if you do a lot of spontaneous travel and use mainly the slower regional trains. It might not be worth the value particularly if you have a fixed itinerary and can get person tickets in advance. It’s a lot more work to program every thing out and buy tickets in advance even though. I’ve in no way found it worthwhile to acquire a pass for the travel I do, but I mainly travel on weekends and it is straightforward for me to purchase tickets in advance since I live in Italy. (I would be employing an interrail pass – a related issue to the Eurail pass for residents right here).

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Exactly where can I locate a map of all the train routes obtainable making use of a Eurail pass?

Question by Individual!: Where can I find a map of all the train routes obtainable employing a Eurail pass?
Please help if you know anything, or if you have traveled Europe on trains and can provide suggestions! 🙂 Thanks.

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Answer by tonalc1

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Eurail Youth Pass

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