SWISSPASS 2 with “NUDE” music group, jean yves blondeau

WARNING THIS VIDEO DO HAVE COPYRIGHTS SWISSPASS 2 with “NUDE” music group and jean yves blondeau BUGGY ROLLIN aka Rollerman as stunt performer. music: Nude “the hermit” verify here : The most beautifull pass, the very best floor, jean yves blondeau rides downhill quicker than motobikes…. This video DO HAVE COPYRIGHTS, all professinnal should be aware about it, it is shown on youtube by way of internet only below our authorization and NOT free for tv show, advetising or any other purpose. just get in touch with us just before. Jim carrey saw this video and asked jean yves to make YESMAN film
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WARNING this video DO HAVE COPYRIGHTS Beautifull summer 2006. Jean Yves Blondeau is piloting his unique high speed rollin suit “GREY (buggy rollin) down the most extreme passes where the heart grows up. MOST BEAUTIFULL video ever This video DO HAVE COPYRIGHTS, all professinnal should be conscious about it, it is shown on youtube via net only below our authorization.

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  1. i choose perfect road. here is swiss quality, maybe the best floor of the world so there was no bump on this road !

  2. The only concern I would have with that suit is a serious lack of suspension. A little bump would feel pretty lousy.

  3. pretty amazing, but what is more amaze is the guy who did it holding the camera too…

  4. it is only gravity , no engine , but can be faster than inline skate because of dynamics

  5. But I bet you already see it on everyone’s faces every time you roll out, am I right?


    Something like that.

  6. love how the first bit of the song describes the suit exactly . NAH IM JUST KIDDING ITS AWESOME

  7. I think a ride would be surely pure fun, but wouldn’t never ever take it on an open traffic road…. when I think someone could be in a car or bike coming in the opposite sense and overtaking another car or bike, and not seeing me lowered onto the street surface… :O …I think it’s just insane

  8. Haha! Playing around the tanks w/”War” in the background. If only that were all they used those tanks for.

    What’s the thing on his back – a jet pack?

  9. i do Downhill Longboarding but going down like you must be extremly fun, Skeletton style whats the fastest you can go? i road a Streetluge, is it the same Feeling?

    Greez from Swizz

  10. Damn man. I thought it took more balls to ride a motorcycle fast on the streets/moutains like this, that is until i saw your videos. Thx for sharing your awesome videos.

  11. no manufacturer by now but looking for solution about it. i would be happy to see your sierra bianco !
    we must keep in touch.

  12. Experiment and be free as I know you will
    Thanks for fantastic virtual experience.
    Keep up the good work.
    I am figuring the cost for the gear must not be cheap
    Do you have a stateside manufacturer? for your offthechart gear? I would like to organize a rollerbuggy event down our Sierra Blanco mountain here in New Mexico near Ruidosa

  13. Amazing, Do you really care about the anti-war song and dancing?
    If you don’t like it don’t look at it! Let the guy do his thing and just enjoy the beatiful sport he’s bringing to us.
    Live and Let Live a little please!

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