25 thoughts on “swiss pass”

  1. What a beautiful road and landscape. That car sounds great. What car were you driving up that pass?  I notice , you almost hit some bowling pins at 3:41 lol.

  2. I want to live here, settle at a small village in the Alps itself. Having my own small wooden cottage with some goats and a bible to read whenever I go up the mountain to a very specific and favourite spot…that’s all I want ;( Not computers, blackberry’s, Hummers etc….

  3. Wir sind mit der klasse den Pass mit einem 45 Personen Bus hochgefahren. Da ist es einem schon mal eiskalt den Rücken runter gefahren, wenn der da durch die kurven fährt!

  4. I spent 3 weeks doing 5000km all over the Alp on a 800GS, and the Susten Pass got my vote as the best pass

  5. My son looked over my shoulder as I was watching this video. He asked me if it was real. He thought it was to beautiful to be real.

  6. I don’t know what’s better… driving that road or enjoying the view from the passenger seat.

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