Sunrise in the Swiss Alps – Oberalp pass to Sedrun

Ελβετικες Αλπεις 14 Αυγουστου 2011 Oberalp Pass (el. 2046 m.) is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps connecting the cantons of Graubünden and Uri between …

9 thoughts on “Sunrise in the Swiss Alps – Oberalp pass to Sedrun”

  1. @MrEunuch Thank you for your comment my friend, but you must know that all
    the Greeks are not like the tv wants to make them look like ,playing the
    game for others economic purposes . Forgive my tone but we are receivers of
    an unjust propagandistic war here :/

  2. Nice video a good way of finding clean roads. I never realised the Greeks
    were up so early ;-). Nice riding too.

  3. @MrAnywherelse σκεψου κατι για πραγματικη βολτα την Κυριακη γιατι δεν θα
    την βγαλω αλλο με υποκαταστατα 😀

  4. @AL1200GS Thank you my friend.Maybe one day we meet there or somewhere in
    beautiful Germany

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