How much is a five-day Swiss Flexi Pass if I get it in a train station in Switzerland?

Question by Jexrel: How much is a 5-day Swiss Flexi Pass if I buy it in a train station in Switzerland?
How much is a Swiss Flexi Pass that is good for 5 days of travel if I purchase it in a train station in Switzerland? Is it true that there is a reservation fee whenever you use it on a train? How much is this reservation fee?

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Answer by Goddess of Grammar
Not sure if you can do that, but you can purchase a half-fare pass (1 month for 99 CHF, 1 year for 150, 2 years for 250, 3 years for 350) and then buy day-passes for 64 CHF second class or 103 first class.

You can also get a “multipack”, 6 for the price of 5 for either of those, or buy the second class pass but upgrade to first class for only some of the days or trips. The multipacks are good for at least a year, maybe two or three.

There is a reservation fee if you make a reservation, I think it’s 5CHF, possibly 10, but you don’t usually need a reservation. They’re recommended (maybe sometimes required) for the “special” trains, Glacier Express for example, but I don’t think they’re necessary/worth it on the regular intercity trains (maybe in the restaurant car) and they’re not possible on most of the other trains, except if you’re a larger group.

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