14 thoughts on “QR Codes – Psychology of Consumer Behaviour”

  1. My Free QR Code generator: forobravo(.)info/qrcode you can do many QR Codes as you want for free and very easy

  2. I think that’s an augmented reality app for London that shows you how to get to the nearest underground station.

  3. Love this woman’s sexy voice. If you’re just an average person getting into the QR game, get the iPhone app “Dittle”. It scans and create QR Codes. Very simple, completely free, and the best way to instantly share contact info and social media links. Does anyone else have Dittle? .

  4. Check out TAGO, where up to 20 different QR Code type available (Coupon, Feedback, YouTube Vide and other) and you can track how many people has scanned your code.

    Just google “tago qr”.

  5. That app at 1:55 you were talking about. Is that out and if so whats it called. B/c I’v also seen something like that on some commercial

  6. k but it funny to see that they add a video were 4 or 5 guy go for 1 woman who is goodlooking lol

  7. omg if u us the QR Scan on the QR on part 2:31 it take u to a video were it show this woman get it on whet lots of guy lol u see if u scan the QR on the part lol

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