Intelligent ROADSTER Professional Service (Water Leaks, Service Measures, Options) – PROMO

WWW.BIGBLUEROADSTER.NET developed by Dott. Andrea Carli (ITALY) © 2007-2012 (INAUGURATED on JULY 2012). Promotional Video to present myself to the audience. Hi everybody :-). I’m Italian. I am a sensible roadster owner because January 2005 and I have spent several years to study this excellent car to repair the most frequent and rare problems. I got it. I nonetheless continue to upgrade my information about the wise roadster, so appreciate my internet site. I’m in a position to fix PERMANENTLY the most severe troubles with regards to the wise roadster models: _ Water Leaks. I can repair 13 sorts of various water leaks: wing mirrors, doors, rear of the roof bars, third brake light, license plate lights, and so on. _ Re-gluing softop. _ Uncorrect softop folding. _ Softop slide hoops broken. _ Internal/cockpit fan quit working. _ Windows lifter mechanism broken. _ Removing the complete dash to check some wiring damages due to abrasion with the chassis. _ Etc. I’m able to retrofit exactly as FFO (Factory Fitted Solution) the following Options: _ Foglights. Both for models with rain/light sensor and with no it. The sensible roadster showed on this video has equipped with rain/light sensor from Factory. _ Electrical and Heated wing mirrors. _ Heated Seats. _ Starter Button as Collector’s Edition or Brabus Xclusive. _ Brabus Central Armrest (MY2005). _ Cruise handle (you will require a TAN code for the activation). My deep expertise about this automobile enables (me) also to retrofit a softop mechanism (such as the wiring) into