What is the cheapest way to travel about Europe?

Question by mellolikejello@ymail.com: What’s the least expensive way to travel about Europe?
I’m organizing an about the globe trip with a pal for next year. Throughout this we program on travelling to various nations in Europe. Is it more affordable to do this by flight, train, or coach?


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  1. see if you can find a good reputable travel agent, they are well worth it. you can purchase an around the world air ticket which gives you a number of stop overs. the other option would be a euro-pass on the rail system. think about joining a frequent flyer part of an airline and you can gain points for each section and with a number of them such as qantas has many partner airlines which also give you points. these can be used to either upgrade or use for some future flights.

    air is quicker, train a bit slower but you can move around whereas coaches can be a bit restrictive.

    when i travelled i flew to most of the places but also did the train.

    a good travel agent can also tell you the best places to see and the usual and unusual tourist areas.

    you can shop around for travel agents to find one with the best deals and one you feel you can relate to and who listens to you.

    whatever you will have a wonderful time so enjoy.

  2. Interesting because next summer I may be cruising around Europe myself. Another poster said the rail was cheapest and quoted a URL. So I followed the link. After a few more links I got my price.

    $ 1,076.00 for a 30 day pass

    That is NOT my idea of a cheap price!

    Coach looks like the way to go. It’s about half the price of a train:
    under $ 500 for 30 day pass in the HIGH season


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