Q&A: Best rail pass for travel around Europe?

Question by : Best rail pass for travel around Europe?
My friend and I are planning on backpacking around Europe after our study abroad program is done. I started looking at rail passes and holy cow are they spendy. We’ll be traveling for 2 weeks as much as possible. We don’t quite know what countries we’ll be visiting, but we’ll most likely be going to Prague, Vienna, cities in Italy, and somewhere in France. I’m just wondering if anybody knows of a more efficient and cheaper way to travel around Europe in a short amount of time (I mean we will only be traveling for 2 weeks). Or are there student discounts available?

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For inter country trips it may be worth gettin a pass, think about how many countries you want to visit and go from there. As for Italy, the trains there are quite cheap, so it is not worth to use your pass (for the most part) for internal Italian trains.

Also, buy the pass in Europe and not on the net from wherever home is.

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