Is it feasible to sneak on the trains in Europe without a pass?

Question by : Is it attainable to sneak on the trains in Europe without having a pass?
I am leaving to Europe very soon and never have enough time to get my Eurorail pass. Is there anyway I can get on the train without it? Everyone in my group has one except me.

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Answer by ragann63
If you get caught, the penalties are quite high and they do not care if you do not have funds. To me, it is not worth risking it.

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  1. Sure, it’s possible to sneak in without a pass.The question is if you can also sneak out……..
    Try it to to find out, a sure way to ruin your vacation 🙂

  2. They almost always have ticket inspectors on the trains ; you would be silly to risk it ; you would get into serious trouble . You should be able to buy a Eurorail Pass on arrival in Europe . You will need to buy the pass or buy individual train tickets as you go ; other wise you are not going to get very far and might find yourself behind bars .

  3. Ha, that is hard! A lot of the major intercity trains that you will be catching check you as you get on the train. In Spain for example they do this. And even those that don’t in many you have to book a seat, and the conductor DOES check tickets.

    Sure if you KNOW the country’s trains well, there are some lines that they check less. Or you could give FAKE ID to the ticket inspector when he gives you a fine.

    But for long distance journeys I think it is impossible even if you hide in the toilet all the time.

    You can do this for some local trains and shorter journeys.

    I could tell you which trains but I would be encouraging a crime. So I WON’T.

    Just buy the ticket, it only takes a few minutes, or buy an inter rail ticket when you get to Europe. Or buy separate tickets for your journeys. It might even work out cheaper, specially if you buy online (as there are discounts)

    And it is BETTER than JAIL :p

  4. hell yeah i was in vienna for 6 month and i was doing it everyday without get caught even once.
    it was risky and fun.i was kind of proud of myself because of the risk that i used to make and save lot of money on the side,so i’ll say go for it man who gives a damn and if they caught you withouth ticket the worst thing it could happen is that they ask you to purchase one next time.

  5. Yes, it is possible to get on trains without a Eurail pass. It is not possible however to get away with not having a ticket. (If you have a Eurail pass the pass is your ticket.)

    If you get on a train in Germany without a ticket, you have to seek out the conductor immediately, tell him you have no ticket and buy it from him. If you do not do so you’ll be charged a heavy fine on top of paying for the ticket!

    If you do not have the time to get a Eurail pass, you’ll be forced to buy individual tickets for the trains you are taking. This can work out cheaper or more expensive, depending upon the countries you are travelling to and the trains you are taking. (Most times it costs about the same.) See here:

    As you can see from the second page, there are several tricks one can use in order to save money on train tickets. Maybe one works for you?

    However since the rest of your group has Eurail, I can recommend getting Eurail too. It will be easier if everybody in your group has the same ticket. There are several places where you can buy a Eurail pass in Europe. Be warned that it will be more expensive there though. Have Eurail ship your pass to a ho(s)tel where you’ll be staying at. See here:

    It is really hard to advice you whether you should get a Eurail pass or should buy individual tickets since I do not know where you’ll be travelling to. Feel free to email me for more advice.

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