How can I get to Moscow from Rome by rail?

Query by Deborah B: How can I get to Moscow from Rome by rail?
I’m searching to get to Moscow by rail, I never mind how a lot of stops I need to have to make. How ought to I go about it? Also, what kind of Eurorail gives are there and what do you advocate?

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Answer by conley39
The easiest trip in terms of quantity of connections is Rome to Vienna (evening train departing Rome at 7:10 pm) to Warsaw to Moscow. The total travel time on this route is more than 46 hours. There’s only a 16 minute layover in Vienna for the train to Warsaw.

The German train web site is very good for arranging trips all through Europe: . You can see other alternatives there.

Eurail may possibly not be the ideal selection. It is frequently more affordable to acquire person tickets directly. In this case, Eurail won’t cover the entire route. From Rome to Vienna, you could get seats for 99 euro at the standard price tag. A berth is 119 euro. Nonetheless, if you book in advance, there is a discounted “Smart” fare of 49 euro for a berth (or 29 for a seat). If you have a Eurail international pass, you would still require to spend an extra 27 euro reservation fee for the berth.

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