20 thoughts on “Venice Simplon Orient Express – Blue Peter”

  1. The thing about these sleeper cars are the direction the bunks are situated: if they’re parallel to the tracks, you’ll get a much better night’s sleep. If you’re lying down perpendicular to the rails, you might have to get used to rolling around during the night every time the engineer hits the brakes. Which isn’t bad if Eva Longoria’s sleeping next to you, but still.

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  3. It cost about a dollar a minute in 1986 but was a wonderful experience. I self financed my education and after studying in Italy I got “Florence Syndrome” and just had to settle in Europe. It took a long time to arrange. You might like my two channels here, CUTECATFAITH and SLOBOMOTION, and I do Dailymotion under “LisaFalour.” I try to show cool stuff here. xo

  4. I am American born and took this trip. It was excellent and now I live in Paris. I got a taste for the good.

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