Q&A: How significantly does the typical inter-city train ticket in Europe cost?

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Query by curious: How much does the average inter-city train ticket in Europe price?
I am planning a 3 month trip to Europe and would like to know how considerably a typical train ticket expense. Not like Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul, but like, say, London-Paris, Monaco-Milan, Berlin-Hamburg.

I know there is no fixed cost cos they differ with the distance and destination, but I want a rough estimate.

My price range is about USD$ 10K anyway. Do you think that’ll final me a rough round trip about Europe for 2-three months?

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Answer by t_maia2000
USD 10K sounds ok to me for three months in Europe. No big luxury, but not going hungry either.

Train travel in Europe:
How-to’s with rates for specific routes

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Rick Steves’ Time and Price Map for rail

As a general rule it is a good concept to go to the person nations train internet sites to get the fares. See seat61.

Tip: Don’t acquire a Eurail pass, unless you feel the need to have to spend a lot more funds than you really require and or have to travel very first class.

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