London: Like a Regional — Train Travel and London’s New Olympic Park

Watch travel reporter Peter Greenberg share his ideas to guests coming the 2012 Olympics for exploring Britain by train. Go to…

BoTV: Ruins of St.Nikolai

BoTVGermany: We took a tour of the WWII memorial internet site now in ruins. Far more tags: “European purchasing Haul” “Shopping in Europe” “Paris…

4 thoughts on “London: Like a Regional — Train Travel and London’s New Olympic Park”

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  2. Got to get your money’s worth! (8:25) Love that you went up 3 times and filmed it differently each time. I agree the elevator is very cool! (9:04)
    Thank you!

  3. The landmark for bombing I am surprised any of it remains at all! I love how you go up and down over and over.
    How much did it cost to go up the steeple?
    Bo: “That’s it you pressed the button OGM!” (1:57) DING DONG! LOL
    Bo: “There’s here and there’s there” LOL (2:33)
    Love the view from the top and that you show us where we were when we went with you on the boat. (3:20)

  4. Thanks for taking us with you! The buildings are so beautiful! That’s cute…the crazies…LOL

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