How considerably would it cost me to devote a week in Siberia, Russia? (ALL expenditures included)?

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Question by Ashley Marie: How a lot would it expense me to commit a week in Siberia, Russia? (ALL expenditures incorporated)?
I am graduating in June of 2010. I am engaged and I want to travel to Siberia for a week with my fiance for our summer holiday. But, I need to have to know how considerably it may price. Assist?

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Answer by Arsan Lupin
You would want to supply a LOT far more data than “a week for 2 in Siberia in the summer time”!

For starters: where in Siberia? Siberia is the vast area constituting practically all of Northern Asia and for the most component presently serving as the massive central and eastern portion of the Russian Federation. It has an area of over 13 million square kilometers – a lot more than twice the size of all the rest of Europe! Do you think you can narrow items down a little? I count on accomodations to expense differently in Irkutsk than they would in Novosibirsk or Ekaterinaburg or Magadan.

What nation issued your passports? Russia charges diverse fees for tourist visas to diverse nations. How will you be traveling to/from Siberia? I anticipate airfare from Sydney will differ from that of Buenos Aires or Warsaw or Capetown or Mumbai. How will you travel within Siberia? The Trans-Siberian Railway is really well-liked, but you would be spending most of your week sitting in a railroad auto. If so, would you go 1st class (two-berth) or 2nd class (4-berth)? (There are no 3rd class automobiles on the Trans-Siberian trains.) Are you wanting luxury accommodations, or are you “back-packing”?

I believe you need to have to do your homework, have some extended discussions with your fiance, and make a decision exactly where, when, and how. Only with that details can any individual answer your question.

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