How considerably $$$ will I need for Europe?

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Query by Generationalist: How much $ $ $ will I require for Europe?
Me and a pal program on traveling Western Europe, but are curious to how significantly money we may want. We want to remain 1 week in every city. Right here is our route, London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and finally Koln in Germany. We have buddies to keep with in Amsterdam and Koln. Nice value range would be good and some suggestions 🙂 very first time travelling.

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Answer by Willeke
Young individuals staying in hostels use about $ US 100 per particular person per day, average.
You are going to keep with close friends portion of the time, but the other cities are the most high-priced for tourists, so I consider you ought to nonetheless aim for at least $ 3000 plus your flight to Europe and your rail or bus tickets among the cities. In your case I would acquire rail tickets about 3 months ahead of traveling, to get the greatest costs and not paying a fortune.
If you are not a young particular person with a modest price range, the typical tourist appears to devote €350 per day in Amsterdam, and probably a little a lot more in London and Paris, so you have a budget to aim for if you like luxury.

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