Does anyone know any excellent luxury train for traveling in the US?

Question by rikajaj: Does anyone know any good luxury train for traveling in the US?
I know in Europe they have nice trains to travel with rooms and beds that are luxurious and was wondering if there was any company in the US?

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Answer by TyMike07
amtrak is good

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  1. I have rode on an Amtrak train and I loved it. I wouldn’t say it is a luxury train, but they do have sleeping cabins you can get and also a dining cart and a “sightseeing” cart that had large windows and tables where people can visit, play cards, etc. You can get up and walk around as you wish, use the restrooms, go to the snack bar cart area, order drinks, etc. It did take longer to travel but was worth it if you have the time. Also very economical. I didn’t choose the sleeper cabin, just a seat, which I found comfortable as it reclines and I had plenty of room. The biggest problem I see with Amtrak is that they don’t have very many routes. So there is not always a direct route to your destination.

  2. The USA is very big so most Americans travel by airplane. It is 5000 kilometers from coast to coast (3000 miles)

    The San Fransisco Zepher is a famous train that travels between Chicago and San Francisco. The Zepher has two floor observation cars with glass roofs on the upper level and it travels through very beautiful country. All trains within the USA are safe and most will not be crowded. You mostly pay for additional privacy when you buy first class or private rooms aboard. US train travel is mostly not as good as Europe because the distances across the country are much farther so most people travel by air.

  3. The main source of scheduled rail service is Amtrak. It offers several levels of accommodations, but would not be considered a “luxury”train.

    There is a company named the “American Orient Express” that offers guests various excursions aboard either modern, or vintage rail cars. Their service is similar to the “Orient Express” in Europe, or the “Ghan” in Australia. If you are interested you can get routes and schedules from their website at “”.

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