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Emmerich – TEE Rheingold
luxury train travel europe
Image by roger4336
This was my auto on TEE Rheingold, from Amsterdam to Munich. This car became component of TEE Rheinpfeil later in the journey. One of my ambitions on this trip was to ride a TEE (Trans Europ Express), the highest class of European train. The Rheingold was the most popular of these in Germany. From the time I left Stockholm, my travel was by train. I had a Eurailpass, which gave me 1st class travel, one thing that I located straightforward to get used to.

The Rheingold (named right after the Wagner opera) was a luxury train from Hoek van Holland to Basel, from 1928 until World War II. It was re-established in 1951, and became a single of Germany’s initial TEE trains in 1965. As a TEE, it had a dome auto for viewing, specifically along the popular region of the Rhine River.

The Rheingold and Rheinpfeil (Rhine arrow) trains operated in tandem. Rheingold ran from Hoek van Holland (the ferry port for Engand) to Basel. One part started from Amsterdam. Rheinpfeil ran from Dortmund to Munich. The two trains had a typical stretch from Duisburg to Frankfurt. they traveled along the Rhine a couple of minutes apart. There have been through cars covering all origins and destinations. I traveled from Amsterdam to Munich in one particular vehicle, which was on Rheingold to Duisburg, then switched to Rheinpfeil.

This is no longer the case. European express trains operate as units, and vehicles are not switched from train to train. Alternatively, you stroll from a single train to one more, with your luggage. If you are fortunate, the two trains are on opposite sides of a platrorm.

Private Rail Automobiles
luxury train travel europe
Image by Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars
Private rail cars are offered for hire / charter between numerous cities in the USA and in parts of Canada.
There are also rail cars and carriages that cna be used for private travel in Europe, Russia, Brazil and elswhere.