AUSome – Europe Train Tours

Travellers can take pleasure in amazing views from London to Paris for days on some of Europe’s finest trains.
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

4 thoughts on “AUSome – Europe Train Tours”

  1. You’re moving to England? Why and when? 

    That’ll make for some great videos!:)

  2. Side note: Do you guys ever work? Did you win the lottery? How can you afford to travel daily take so many tours, have 10+ coffees a day and live such a luxurious life style?

    I’ve heard that you can’t get a normal visa in Germany is that true? Are these trips all out of packet and for our enjoyment? (You don’t even have YouTube ads on your channel)

    I feel I should donate to the travel cause!

  3. Love how you just jump into the next day and off we go again (8:40)
    (9:50) Coffee on the platform how awesome! How many coffees did you have in this video?
    Again what a beautiful café. (12:14) hamburger, Spaghetti and pizza ice cream? Very interesting!

  4. Bo is too sexy! You all look so tired and Bo is rather hyper. I love when Scarlett vlogs.
    Dinner, Drinks & Shopping, I’d love Hamburg too!!! Very cute Hamburg bag love the shoes too.
    “How long does the super tired last before the supper supper tired?” “buildings buildings building train! (4:16) LOL
    “Wanker filming” (5:09) LOL Diane IS so cute! I like her hair cut!
    Come sing along too funny! (4:45)

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