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  1. * Grammar? Well you must be blind, or stupid. Have you read my last phrase? Well here, in better English; fuck off now! Got it? By the way, any shit coming from you will be deleted without reading it. Up yours!

    I think that’s what you were trying to say. Clearly there’s no correlation between knowing one of the most common phrases in the English lanuage and knowing the language itself.

  2. grammar?? well you must be blind….or stupid…have you read my last frase !! well here in better english fuck off now got it ?by the way any shit coming from you will be delete without reading it…up your!!

  3. I don’t know if you recall but the Roman version of civilisation ended with their Empire in flames, Rome in ruins and Barbarian rule. I’m sure women in all places prefer foreign men for a fling because they’re different and exotic, but rarely do they want a real relationship with them. Italian politics and society is a laughing stock, you have a joke prime minister and no real structure whatsoever, you just bribe the mafia to get along. Have you heard of spelling/grammar, clearly not.

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  5. Well the British Empire was bigger than the Roman Empire, you wouldn’t have football if we didn’t invent it and you obviously can’t say one place’s culture is better than another’s because all culture is different. Considering the Roman Empire was about 2,000 years ago I probably have as much of a connection to ancient Rome as you do. In more recent history, war wise, Italy has been the whipping boy of Europe so don’t feel so smug.

  6. I’m British and therefore ever since I was a small child it was the Red Arrows that I looked forward to seeing. Honestly I enjoyed watching the Frecce but really I just wanted to see the Red Arrows, and I think I always will because I’ve loved them since I was so young. I’m not saying either is better but if you’re British you feel a conenction to the Red Arrows and the same can be said for Italians with the Frecce.
    I know I’m biased but most of the idiot Italians commenting don’t know they are.

  7. freccie better,ferrari better,food better,culture better(from the romans times in britain,foot ball for 100% better, better stop there ..ciaoo

  8. my english boy,frecce are superior to your arrow,ferrari is superior to your half mc laren (togher with mercedes),our culture is superior to yours (remember the romans !! in britan.. ) our food well no comparison !!,foot ball 4 times world champion to your pathetic 1,in england 1966 !! shall go on ?? need all day..ciao..

  9. Im italian. I love frecce, but red arrows are better. Also french patuille and russian knights are very good. thanks for the video…

  10. @trulyloyale: Just for your information, Australia got its Sabres and Mirages from France. The Australian pilots who were trained in France on those machines were inspired to start up aerobatics teams in Australia. eg Black diamonds.

    I know Australian pilots who swear France has the best aerobatics teams… but lets face it, they are all fantastic. Personally I am of the opinion that aerobatics should be an Olympic sport.

  11. i have not said anything bad about the Frecce tricolori
    my comment was about your statement
    now go and back up your statements give me links to sites i can google and read the expert opion what you claim says all this.i know about the red arrow crashes and dogey landings
    i did find out the Patrouille Acrobatique de France is regarded as one of the world’s oldest and best demostration teams by experts and they have had more accidents than both our teams

  12. The worst kind of blind nationalism and ignorance is deliberately refusing to face truth by recognize another country’s work & skills due to a background of pregressed stupid clichès
    & one way mental habits , all driven by a childish envy ( which is something usual not only in anglosaxon people , but in some lands else of Earth ) .
    Stick to your big nonsenses , man .
    Post more

  13. Not a casualty 60 people died since security rules about Air Shows were extremely weak 20 years ago ( otherwise sadi find a less pathetic argument than the number of civlians dead in Ramstein tragedy ) .
    Anyway , that was the one incident occurred to Frecce in their whole history, check the list of incidents of ur so beloved Red Arrows to realize how much longer & various it is …. ( expecially some missed or crappy landings ) !
    I’ve been lloking & checking other teams since 12 years

  14. I think instead YOU’d better go check
    Frecce Tricolori’s 60 years of unbeatable
    acrobat fly skills, unbeaten manouvres
    ( meant no team else, Red Arrows comprehensive, could replicate them
    no matter how many times they ripped’em off at lower level ) , superior programs, astonishing figures.
    When someone posts stupid biased comments , believing he can change reality by his so typical nationalist. bizarre nonsenses, then he needs to be informed of true facts.

  15. Americans say what dont talk out you bum.All they would say isThunderbirds, Blue Angels .Yes Frecce Tricolori could well be the best . i think you better go check out Red Arrows American tour.
    before you make stupid statments the only childish & pathetic ! nationalistic bs
    i have read is yours.
    Not a casualty 60 people dead now whos bullshitting
    at least go and look at The other teams
    as i have done before dismising them off hand.

  16. D I know you’re not English unapro, you’re australian ! And I know Australia even though maintained strong relationships with UK is independent country (a great country at my eyes ). So don’t worry about it , ‘cos I didn’t misunderstand your country with Great Britain !

    Ps anyway you got wrongly informed, the Americans have always admitted the Italy’s acrobatic team is the best of the world and the Brits may say whatever one-way nationalistic nonsense they like more , true facts count

  17. It seems to me you have a problem with the english, I’m not English. I have a fair idea of the subject as I was ground crew for a military formation team for 2 years. I still think it is naive to say your team is the best. I know the US say theirs is the best and the British say theirs is the best etc, etc.

  18. while many other countries like US go crazy for their performances and fairly recognize they’re the best in the world .
    just check it and you’ll see .
    Anyway I would say the opposite of your start
    sentence : to say our country’s team is the best is saying a true fact, not admitting it
    and trying to make someone else to believe a different thing only for nationalistic spirit is worst than naive, it’s quite childish & pathetic !
    A typical english attitude also seen in sports, I must say . lol

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