Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard Play Hard [Music Video]

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Britain’s made no secret that it wants to change the EU, and get a bit of special treatment for itself. Most other members agree, except the French. RT’s Pol…

50 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard Play Hard [Music Video]”

  1. wiz Khalifa > 2 chainz go HARD go virla now only with
    get real YouTube stuff and all Socila media things..!!

  2. Каждый день как праздник. Когда же будут будни ?

  3. wiz hasnt put out much of quality since Kush n OJ but he kept that good
    attitude — put it on for the fuckin true g’s the workers yo 

  4. lol work hard and play hard is our thingy for our school

    Zuni Thunderbirds !!!

    Work hard & Play hard :)

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  7. mute the mic, nigga nigga nigaa………… pewpewpepw/ QWOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    weeeeeeeeeeeee. hehe. fapfapfapfapfap/ I got so many much haters!! LOL
    TROrlolol wootwoot. <---------------------- NEXZT ra[pzer/1!!!!

  8. Fucking French cunts would all be speaking German if it wasn’t for us. They
    should fall in line and show some respect.

  9. It seems the only thing their buffoonish governments can agree on is hating

    The English have always been envious of the vastness of the Russian empire
    (this was written by the Ukrainian author Nikolai Gogol in the 19th
    century) and the Americans have inherited that tradition. Today Britain are
    merely an appendage of the U.S., the 51st state located in Europe,
    something the Frenchman called “friendship.”

  10. Dear France, pls join BRICS. We help each other out and actually discuss
    our political views to benefit everyone. We can even call ourselves BFRICS
    or FBRICS!
    Oh and once Argentina joins we will go by the name of FABRICS!

  11. France is a VIRUS , they are a bunch of pussies good only in exploiting and
    living off the wealth stolen from Africa ….I hate them frog eating

  12. Of course the French are dissatisfied. The rich French have dumped their
    country for lower tax pastures in the UK. No wonder there is resentment.
    Just look at the numbers. The more a country stands to gain from trading
    with Britain the more they want Britain to remain in the EU. Only 23% of
    Poles in the survey want the UK to leave as there are so many Poles working
    in the UK they would have to leave the UK if Britain left the EU. It’s
    called dependency. Germans also want Britain to remain as Germany exports
    so much stuff to the UK. The Roast Beefs are tolerated as long as there is
    some form of financial compensation. The Brits don’t buy so much French
    stuff as they used to years ago and now there’s the double whammy of tax
    evasion aided and abetted by the City of London. No wonder the French have
    grievances. Failed neo liberal economic policies is another nail in the
    coffin but the French should blame the Germans for that one.

  13. Countries of the European Union can survive only when the european union
    will fall apart That is the only way for the individual members will decide
    about themselves and not by the others members under the patronage of the

  14. I want every country to be excluded from the EU and join the Russian
    Federation in democratic referendum. Glory to Putin!

  15. Every country wants to get out of the EU, we the citizens want to opt out
    but our politicians want us for their own nefarious perquisites. 

  16. The French have been infiltrated by the Socialists! The Africans and
    Muslims will take over France in the end! We should destroy the channel

  17. Some comments in here from UK or US citizens are sounding like a clear
    explanation of why the French argue that the UK should make up its mind. If
    you have it so much against the French that refrain from asking to modify
    the EU (to some advantage for you). France is one of the founders of Europe
    so I believe they have a right to express themselves. And stop using past
    facts to justify ownership or righteousness, this is childish. America has
    hugely benefited from its alliance with european countries, don’t elude
    yourself, America had a vested interest in fighting Germany during WWII.
    Anglosaxons and latin cultures have profound differences and cultures,
    can’t we all accept it? This is part of sovereignty. Americans are people
    who left european countries, came to a country which wasn’t theirs,
    massacred indigenous people, stole their land and then split off from the
    UK. These days it’s Scotland that wants out and if you remember well India
    also took off at one point. So historically it seems that the UK have lost
    friends more than they have acquired over a long period of time. It’s an
    empire that no longer exists and it is a historical fact. People in England
    should realize this and accept it. You kept your queen, the French decided
    to let go of their kings. Different choices, different paths. All

  18. Polly my child how old are you? Twelve? Do you believe everything your
    producers feed into your gullible skull?

  19. I only saw white French being interviewed. They must have interviewed them
    in Montreal. All the UN’s niggers and muslims all dumped in France.
    French National Front leader. Marine LePen, has much support in France by

  20. Let’s see. The European Union dissolving because of culture differences,
    And America headed toward another Civil War because of Racism and Religious


    It seems Greed and Hate isn’t working out to well as a tool to maintain

    Yep Interesting indeed…

  21. Has a different currency
    Sides with the US
    Wastes EU time with the classic
    zionist degenerating policies.
    Look at the true role of the UK.

  22. I don’t give a fucking care if the french want Britain out of the EU, I
    like Great Britain and I want them to stay.

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