12 thoughts on “Our Holiday to Seefeld, Austria 2012”

  1. Dear Tom Sykes and partner, I greatly enjoyed your “Seefeld” adventure, I
    was often a guest and several times at the Hotel Alpina … God bless you!

  2. Tom, I’m a big fan of Seefeld, Garmisch, etc., so while dreaming about my
    next trip I found your video. I was amazed at how entertained I was by you
    and your cute wife. You have such affection for one another and for your
    “adventures.” And I like your sense of humor. Anyway, I must have seen
    hundreds of amateur trip videos but never been even so remotely entertained
    as by yours. I watched the Zell Am, See one also. Glad you spent the day in
    Berchtesgaden. It’s spectacular, even for the Alps!

  3. Very nice video. I am leaving for Austria in Oct 2013 for a second time in
    my life. Hello Austria, wie geht’s? Ich liebe dich.

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