About Belarus…?

Question by PeatonUrbano: About Belarus…?
I would like to know info about the lifestyle in Belarus. I visited a lot of web sites, but i like to know the regular people point of view.

Basically I wanna know the following issues:

1. Minumun and average salary.
2. Life Quality (Security, homeless index, delinquency, nightlife, touristic places, etc…)
3. Bielorussian vs. foreign people (they are nice?)
4. Internacional Banks in Belarus?
5. Burger Kings? Pizza Hut? McDonalds?
6. Can you travel from Belarus to West Europe by train? Is Complicated? Need visa to go outside of Belaurs?
7. Price of a cup of coffe and cigarettes?
8. Rent of a nice apartament?
9. Water sanity? Air, food?
10. Could you open a saving account in a international bank?
11. Weather, average temperature in the diferent seasons, etc…
12. What about BSUIR? Holidays? University Calendar?

Best answer:

Answer by Winning Fury
1) well, they are not a rich country, so they probably do not make much money, i dont know the currency they have.
2) The life quality is ok, people manage to get by, but they do not live a comfy lifestyle like Americans or Canadians do, they have a GDP per capita of roughly 4000, not very high/
3) They are friendly, but they do not like the russians too much, mainly because the Russians made them speak Russian throughout the entire country. Most Belorussians dont speak Beloussian because of this.
4) They do have banks but not too many international banks, im not sure about that.
5) They have Fast food restaurants, not as much as America, but its there. Keep in mind that belarus has their own Belorussian chains that compete with burger king and McDonalds.
6) You can travel by train to Belarus, but not all trains go there. Eurail does not go to Belarus, they do not operate in Eastern Europe, they operate in central, south and western europe mainly. You might have to look for a different rail company.
7)Coffee, cigarettes and vodka!!! are not expensive, it is available in high quantities for a low price, vodka and cigarettes are common in Belarus.
8) Apartments are usually very cheap, but they might not be as nice as you think, it might be run down. Try to go to a hotel or motel, they are better and are very cheap in price.
9) Water is clean, but recommended that you boil it or buy bottled water, it is very low in price. Food is good, and restaurants are good.
10) I am not sure, but I think you can only open an account in the domestic Belorussian bank.
11) Weather is pretty nice. Hot and cool summers. Spring is usually chilly and it rains alot. Winter is FREEZING, be prepared.
12) I am pretty sure they have Holidays about independance and whatnot, im not clear about that.

Long answer, i hoped this helped!!!

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