Traveling Europe for Christmas, Need Suggestions, as far as “WHAT ARE THE Very best TOURIST ATTRACTIONS OF EUROPE”?

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Query by Pinky: Traveling Europe for Christmas, Need to have Ideas, as far as “WHAT ARE THE Best TOURIST ATTRACTIONS OF EUROPE”?
My fiancé and I ( from Texas, USA ) will be traveling to Europe for the duration of the Christmas holidays for about 2½ to possibly three weeks. We will fly into AMSTERDAM then travel by train to other countries. From all we have read on this site, we would like to invest “X-MAS IN GERMANY”. Where should we invest “NEW YEARS EVE”? Right after Germany, we want to travel to ITALY, SPAIN, FRANCE and perhaps Austria and Greece if time allows (not necessarily in this order ). In which order should we travel these nations? Can we travel to all of these countires by train (Rail Pass)? Can we see all these countries in this quantity of time? How significantly time do you think we require to spend in every single nation? Which are the “Must SEE SIGHTS” of every country? We don’t want to miss their principal attractions. Please list the cities and their “Have to SEE SIGHTS”. This is our 1st trip to Europe and we want it to be a memorable holiday. Would love to hear from Europeans or Experienced Europe Travelers. Thanks a Million

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Nicely, I have been to the 3 nations ( Spain, France and Italy)…I would take Paris…France over the other two in a NY minute.. in between Italy and Spain.. it is a coin toss, nevertheless, offered the time of the year I assume Italy would be my 1st selection given that Spain is a lot more of a Summer country…by the way my cities selections are Spain: Barcelona , Italy: Rome, Florence and Vinece….in that order…other locations to contemplate are Bruge, Belgium…Stunning
Prague, Czech Republic…Awsome.
Montreaux Switzerland..out of this planet (remain at Montreaux Palace)

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